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ArielRe, a member of Argo Group, is an international reinsurance underwriter for multiple industries.

Mortgage is a key line of business for ArielRe but it comes with a high degree of risk and a number of unknown variables. They wanted to simulate and model a large, varied and unstructured data set (200 GB) to (a) better determine mortgage delinquency in the USA and (b) significantly improve data processing and analysis time.

Jump360, working closely with ArielRe, carefully cleaned up and mapped huge volumes of both internal historic data and external data. We automated this process to ensure the data set was constantly current. The next step was to overlay 30 economic variables that influence the outcome of mortgage delinquencies. We subsequently developed numerous AI models which were calibrated based on actual historic outcome to allow for model tuning and bias.

Argo Group is an international underwriter of specialty insurance.

What value has Argo experienced ?

  • 1 Trillion Calculations

    1 Trillion Calculations

  • Operation Time

    90% Reduction in operational time and effort

  • Reinsurance as a Service

    Revenue increase by providing re-insurance-as-a-Service

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